Live Demo of SaaSGlue

(Only a few key features are available for this live demo)
(several other languages/runtimes/options are available in production)

Step 1: Sending the script to the SaaSGlue API.
Step 2: The SaaSGlue API is scheduling the script to run immediately on AWS Lambda.
Scripts can securely run wherever you install a SaaSGlue Agent as well. (Google Cloud Compute coming soon)
Step 3: Your script is now running on AWS Lambda.
SaaSGlue is monitoring AWS Lambda's Cloud Watch logs and sending the script results to the SaaSGlue API (results shown below in real time).

Script results:
Run the script to see the results

You can also run SaaSGlue scripts via the SaaSGlue API.
Copy and paste the curl command to a terminal. Watch this screen for live output: