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Per script pricing

When you sign up for SaaSGlue your first 1,000 scripts are free! After that you pay $0.01 per script.

Additional pricing

AWS Lambda

You can run scripts on your own machines via the SaaSGlue Agent but if you prefer to run your scripts on AWS Lambda, we've got you covered. You pay an additional $0.0000166667 for every GB-second and $0.20 per 1M requests for scripts executed on AWS Lambda. This includes indvidual scripts executed on AWS Lambda via the web console.


We also provide the convenience of uploading and attaching artifacts to your tasks, which are downloaded and available to your scripts at runtime. Artifacts uploaded to SaaSGlue are charged at a rate of $0.09 per GB per month, while artifacts downloaded to execute a task are charged at a rate of $0.023 per GB.

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At SaaSGlue, we believe in transparency and simplicity when it comes to pricing. So you can focus on what matters most - automating your software, while leaving the rest to us.